EBSH Hoodie

Warm, oversized hoodies with fleece.
Oversize, overstyle, overEBSH.

2100 UAH

  • Gud & EBSH Backpack
  • Gud & EBSH Backpack
  • Gud & EBSH Backpack
  • Gud & EBSH Backpack

Gud & EBSH Backpack

This awesome backpack, a collaboration between Gud and EBSH, will become your best companion. Spacious, comfortable, and undoubtedly stylish, it’s specifically designed for those who live the EBSH lifestyle. Bright patches add a unique touch of individuality to the EBSH backpack.

2500 UAH


May the force of EBSH be with you.
At work, on a hike, at a party, or just every day. Our cap plays the role of Big Brother, always there for you. It motivates, energizes, lifts your mood, and lets your EBSH brothers recognize you from afar.

500 UAH

  • EBSH Rashguard
  • EBSH Rashguard

EBSH Rashguard

If it’s EBSH, it’s about freedom of movement. The rashguard protects against overheating, and its light, breathable material allows for more reps. Its design and color accentuate the dream physique you’re working towards with each EBSH session.

700 UAH

EBSH Boxing Gloves

Feel like you’re in the ring, with the crowd cheering and your opponent wary. That's the sensation you get with EBSH boxing gloves. Optimally weighted for effective sparring and has a stylish design that pleases the eye. As a bonus, they offer protection and pack a powerful punch.

1800 UAH

  • EBSH Pin
  • EBSH Pin


It's the details that complete any look. The EBSH pin is a bright and memorable accessory. It can enliven a plain backpack, replace a brooch, or be used as your imagination suggests.

150 UAH

  • EBSH Shorts

EBSH Shorts

Comfortable, stylish, and EBSH functional, these shorts are the perfect uniform for our boys. Made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, designed with the specifics of EBSH training in mind, and featuring our gym’s signature colors, they’ll provide additional motivation and drive for even greater effort.

750 UAH

Leg Protection

It's proven that ankle protection adds +100% to your power in training and in the ring. Like your faithful armor, it shields your legs from strikes, bruises, and injuries, allowing you to practice techniques even longer.

650 UAH

EBSH Boxing Wraps

"In the heat of EBSHing, nobody is immune to minor injuries. Our wraps minimize this risk. Whether boxing or hitting the gym, wrap your wrists for confidence in their stability and support. Your joints and ligaments will thank you, and even skeptics will be impressed by the quality.
*Currently out of stock"

400 UAH